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Master Wall® is an independent, privately owned American manufacturer. You're a customer with Master Wall®, not just another sale. Master Wall® has a long track record dating back to our roots in 1987. To date, more than 100 million square feet was applied on all types of construction from residential to commercial, from new construction to retrofit, from industrial to multi-family. Contractors keep coming back to Master Wall® because our products are manufactured to exceed their expectations.


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Colors & Textures

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   Base Coats and Adhesives  Meshes, Insulation & Modifiers  Water Barriers & Flashings



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Finishes & Coatings

Superior Finishes - DPR Acrylic
Superior Elastomeric Plus Finishes
Silicone Coat Additive
Excel Mildew Enhancement
Superior Stone - Smooth Granite Look
Aggre-stone - Rough Granite Look
Lumia - Granite with Mica
Eco Glass - Recycled Glass Finish
Aggrelime - Limestone Look Finish
Plasterflex - Super Smooth Finish
Metallic Cote - Metallic Finish Coating
Level Cote - Leveling Compound for Metallic Finish
Level Cote VPlaster - Interior Venetian Plaster Type Finish

Marbleflex - Brilliant Plaster Finish

Travertine - Recreates the look of Travertine Limestone

LaCantera - Beautiful Cantera Stone Look
Primecoat - Primer
Sanded Primecoat - Primer
Roller-flex - Acrylic Coating
Elasto-flex - Elastomeric Acrylic Coating
ReCote (tm) - Brick and Tilt-up Textured Coating
Vintique - Antiquing Accent
Brick Finish System - Brick & Stone Finish System
Clearshield - Clear Protective Coating


Base Coats, Stuccos & Adhesives

F&M -Foam & Mesh Adhesive and Base Coat (pail)
MBB -Master Wall Bagged Base Coat and Adhesive
F&M Plus - High Build Base Coat and Adhesive (pail)
MBB Plus - High Build Base Coat and Adhesive (bag)
Guardian - Waterproof Base Coat and Adhesive
Quick Set MBB - Fast Setting Base Coat and Adhesive (bag)
EPSA -Expanded PolyStyrene Adhesive
EPSB -Expanded PolyStyrene Base Coat

Cemplaster Fiberstucco

Ready Cemplaster Fiberstucco
OCS - One Coat Stucco (Concentrate) replaced with Cemplaster Fiberstucco
Ready OCS - with Sand Added replaced with Ready Cemplaster Fiberstucco
Cemplaster Stucco - Traditional Stucco (Concentrate) replaced with Cemplaster Fiberstucco
Ready Cemplaster Stucco - Traditional Stucco with Sand Added replaced with Ready Cemplaster Fiberstucco
Quikrete® One Coat Fibered Stucco
Quikrete® Stucco Pump Grade


Meshes, Insulation & Modifiers


Water Barriers, Flashings and Accessories

Rollershield - Liquid applied Air/Water Barrer (LAB)
Trowelshield - Trowel Grade Air/Water Barrier

Rollershield Mesh - Joint Reinforcement
Rollershield Flashing Tape - Joint Reinforcement & Flashing

PROSOCO Cat5® - for use with Master Wall® Systems

PROSOCO FastFlash® - for use with Master Wall® Systems
WeatherStop - Portland Cement-based Air/Water Barrier

WeatherStop for Stucco - Waterproofing Stucco Protection
WeatherStop Tapes - Peel & Stick
DV Roll - Drain/Vent Accessory
Drainage Media - Drainage vents/Spacers for Master Wall Systems
EIFS Plastic Accessories - Plastic Trims and Components
Stucco Accessories - Trims and Components